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rFactor is a videogame located in races simulator category.

This fabulous videogame highlights thanks to its flexible functionality since it allows that users do some changes, besides of presenting a realistic physic in car’s behavior.

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With rFactor you will enjoy an excellent graphic motor so that you have a semi realistic experience and to do it more realistic it works through a sort of economic system that will open the doors so that you can improve your car while you go further in the game.

Besides of the great variety of the vehicles that rFactor offers, this videogame simulator will offer the multi player mode.

Thanks to this, we can reunite up to 60 players to an online race. rFactor gives you the possibility of making different rules to you vehicle, as engine relations, toughness and inclination muffler, stabilizer bar, etc. The more audacious and ability you have to accomplish your adjustments, the easier you will be able to win the races.
The adjustments can also be downloaded by internet.

rFactor is for sure e very potent driving simulator, since it works an almost 100% physic realism, and its tools are so extraordinary that you will feel like a real speed professional.

by Augusto Baldi

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