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Returnil Virtual System is a great security tool that implements the operative system’s clone technology.

If you use a computer that is not yours or that will be used for a short time, this is the best option: Returnil Virtual System allows working in this computer without risking that the same one could be affected by virus, Trojans, malware or any other kind of threat that exist on the internet.

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Returnil Virtual System uses a technology never seen before, since its way of acting is through an operative system clone, which makes possible working in this virtual or cloned partition in a very simple way, navigating through internet and also inserting your USB memory units without any worries, since the original operative system won’t be affected.

And that’s what makes the program interesting, since when using your operative system virtual partition, if any kind of suspect menace was willing to infect o infiltrate your files system, those would be eliminated once the operative system would be reinitiated, including the virus that could be housed.

Returnil Virtual System is a great tool for those who wish to do temporary jobs and to work in a computer without leaving traces of what has been done.

by Augusto Baldi

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