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Renoise is a program to edit music and audio files in general. This is really an extremely complete program that brings possibilities of configuration, edition and infinite music creations.

Among the audio formats allowed are IT, MOD, XM and also MID. About its recording possibilities they are more explicit, since it only saves the information in XRNS format. It is worth telling that the demo version is more limited with their functions.

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Renoise counts with a partridge editor, practically professional mixers and an instrument editor. It has a lot of possibilities of effects to be added, curves configuration, instruments uses and also VST affect. With Renoise you can create different loops and sound effects with great quality.

With Renoise it is necessary to have certain level of knowledge with sequencers or trackers, in few words, musical knowledge and bases sufficient to use the program. The capacities of configuration and modification that Renoise counts with are enough to classify it as a music professional editor.

If you are a lover or an expert in this theme, this program will surely seem very attractive for you, with all possibilities of different music and sound effects creation, to spend a funny evening and creating your own music library, basing on your knowledge.

by Augusto Baldi

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