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The essential in a battle is the defense.

Random TD is a strategy game where your main objective is to create an unbreakable wall for your enemies. However, apart from the epic battles that the game presents, there are also other areas where you don't need to fight and where you can get rewards by completing missions.

The battle arena is set in various types of towers:

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  • Damage towers: this type of arena can inflict the most severe possible damage to your enemies due to its high damage statistics.
  • Control towers: using this arena allows you to affect all your enemies in battle, making them take too long to complete the attack and allowing you to counterattack.
  • Support towers: using this arena allows you to speed up your attacks or summon more monsters on the battlefield that will help you when you need it.
  • Special towers: This arena allows you to merge other towers next to it to build much more powerful arenas.

As we can see, all these arenas are used in the game's battle mode, but the difference is that here you will have to face other players online by yourself. This can be somewhat problematic for beginners who have just joined this fantastic game, which is why it offers another game mode called party mode, where the system chooses a partner (another player) to fight together and can advance smoothly, winning many trophies.

Another fundamental aspect is that if you reach a maximum of trophies won, you can unlock the option of "Guilds," which is nothing more than joining a type of clan to achieve absolute glory together.

The reward system, apart from the trophies you achieve, by completing missions, you will get diamonds and gold that you can use as payment coins in case you need to improve some of your heroes' characteristics.

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    How to PLAY Random TD on PC

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