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RAMMon is a free application to identify the RAM installed in your computer and what is their status.

The amount of memory you have installed on the computer is usually one of the things that we do not pay much attention ... until it fails any component or system alerts us via popup not enough memory on the laptop. RAMMon comes to lend a hand and help maintain the memory of our teams.

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RAMMon is a small and free utility that facilitates data reading Serial Presence Detect (SPD) of RAM, and displays the results in a table scan on its interface. You can copy this information in the table to the clipboard or export it to a file in HTML format.

RAMMon analyzing information includes the type of RAM installed in your PC, the name and capacity of each memory module, its manufacturer and the date of issue, the model number of the part, the voltage and speed of memory, among many other useful information.

RAMMon is completely free for personal and noncommercial use, and is available for all versions of Windows, 32-bit and 64-bit. It's a great tool to keep you informed about the status of the computer's RAM and analyze if you want to add more memory to optimize computer resources.

by Augusto Baldi

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