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Raider: Origin is an action MMORPG that allows you to explore the open world, fight boss battles, loots, and more. This is an excellent way to relieve work stress by exploring the world and participating in many missions.

You can choose between two classes to start: the fencer who uses melee attack and the magician who specializes in range attacks. With your support in battle, you can also get mystical pets. The wings you earn will also give your hero an advantage.

You will be rewarded with new weapons and other equipment for killing more enemies. These battles are easy. You must kill all the enemy forces that are coming at you until they vanish. Raider: Origin features an automatic battle system that allows you to watch your hero fight off enemies.

With the help of a map, you can explore the vast world. The map shows many locations and also reveals the locations of enemy bosses. To jump into a fight, tap on the map. Raider: Origin is a great time pass with no clear objective other than killing the enemies.


  • There is a vast open space before you.
  • In bloody, explosive battles, crush enemy forces into small pieces
  • Automated fight system to relax your hands
  • You can hire different pets to help you
  • Loot missions and boss hunts are possible
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    How to PLAY Raider: Origin on PC

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