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Quick n Easy FTP Server is a simple program that allows to create a FTP server on Windows machines.

FTP servers are computers that are dedicated to host files of all types and make them available to the users via the Internet. Unlike the HTTP servers that allow users to navigate through web pages, FTP servers are designed to allow users to download files of any type: documents, multimedia, programs, compressed files, etc.
Without a doubt FTP servers are increasingly into disuse due to the multitude of existing services that allows to share files with other users. Even so, we can create a FTP server easily, and thanks to the program that we will analyze, we will be able to do it quickly and for free.

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Quick n Easy FTP Server it is designed so that any user can make use of it, because it includes a configuration wizard that assist us in the process of setup properly the software, so we only need to fill in the details, without having to worry about endless navigation menus and options.

So it is only necessary to click on the “Launch FTP Setup Wizard” option, and leaving the default options will be enough to configure our FTP server.
Then, we need to create a user that will have access to the FTP files. To do this we must press on “Launch User Account Wizard” and fill in the data. We will be able to assign different access level to the added users, so we can allow users to: download files, upload files, rename or deleted files, and create directories. This makes possible to create users with different privileges, in such a way that users with minor privileges will not be able to delete or upload malicious files to the FTP.

Now as it's only necessary to configure the basic settings of the FTP: maximum global connections, maximum IP connections, welcome message, auto-start at Windows boot, and limit time to disconnect.

To launch the FTP it will only be necessary to click on the “play” button, which is located in the upper left of the screen. We need to accept that Windows allows the program to access to the Internet, and automatically our computer will become a FTP server that accepts connections on the 21port. In this way we can share the address of our computer with friends to allow them to access to the files we have decided to share via FTP.

The program has different sections to display FTP statistics. We will be able to see the users that are connected at a given time, see the actions that are taking place in the FTP, or view the log with the number of connections that have been established, the number of downloads, the number of sent/received kilobytes, etc

The program in addition to being very simple to use, does not require any type of installation, since the executable file comes compressed within a .zip file, so that wee only need to unzip the file and launch the program.

The version that we offer is the lite version, that despite having more reduced features in comparison with the paid versions, allows us to create FTP servers fully operational and without complications. To use the lite version is free for non-commercial purposes, so we can use it for personal use without any limitation or restriction.

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