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      Get ready for a zombie invasion, Walking Dead style.

      Puzzles & Survival is a role-based game that aims to build your anti-zombie zone, fight all those who want to enter, and help people in danger of this threat.

      This game tells the story of an apocalyptic world where a virus has made people zombies worldwide. Here begins our adventure since we will have the difficult task of solving the mysteries that enclose this contagious infection that spreads faster than light.

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      Many believe scientists wanting to be gods have been experimenting with this deadly virus since their idea was to generate humanoid beings to defend humanity. By human error, they have created a virus that travels through the air and infects people, killing them and making it look like a flu-like illness. After death, people come back to life in the form of zombies, and for some reason, they believe that our brain is the source of their return to the world of living.

      The game's purpose is to survive, trying not to let the zombies enter your shelter and defend it. To do this, you will have the help of puzzles; that is to say, you will be able to combine these puzzles to cause as much damage as possible and get rewards while you do it.

      These combinations will make your soldiers more effective when attacking, other combinations can heal, and finally, some will help you protect yourself from any unforeseen attack.

      To advance in the game, you must complete "main missions" that will give you unique rewards; there are also the "hunting missions" in case you need a specific reward, and the "growth" mission, which will help you increase your experience level, as well as obtaining diamonds or resources.

      Remember that if you want to be number one, this game also allows you to pay to win; you can invest money to reach unimaginable levels that will make the zombies themselves tremble.

      Something negative that I could argue is that when you start the game, you have to pass the tutorial that will guide you, but it is somewhat extensive, so it becomes very stressful.

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          How to PLAY Puzzles & Survival on PC

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