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pulpTunes is a program that works with iTunes, which will allow you to have your multimedia files library (audio, video, image) wherever you are; you will only have to get into a page to observe your entire library’s content.

Its installation will take only a few minutes and then you could enjoy its benefits. If you wish that some friend of yours sees your iTunes content, with pulpTunes you can do it from another place that in not your own computer, the only requirement is that you can browse the web and have port 15000 opened.

pulpTunes screenshot

When you are part of pulpTunes, this program will assign you to a URL, which will work as your ID to access your files library. If you are at the office, at some friend’s house, at a relative’s house and you want to show them the music you have, you only have to insert the URL and it’s done.

This fabulous program pulpTunes, which works with iTunes, will guarantee an effective functioning and mostly, entertainment wherever you want, whenever you want. If at some moment you don’t want someone to get into your library, you have the possibility to restrict their access and that’s it.

Share all your files with pulpTunes.

by Augusto Baldi

Operating Systems