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PSPad is an advanced free text editor oriented to programmers, and available for Windows operating systems.

Computer programming has become something indispensable in the world of computer science. Over the years it evolved greatly, and over time new programming languages and programming paradigms have been appeared. Despite the fact that learn to programming is simple, thanks to the multitude of tutorials and tools freely available to anyone who wants to enter in this exciting world, to master a programming language is something that it takes time.
A good programmer can be considered as an artist, and like any good artist, it is important to have the appropriate tools to carry out their task.

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PSPad is presented as a powerful tool that allows programmers to focus on their job of solving a problem using source code, and forget about the tasks that distract them from the code.

This program supports syntax highlighting of a multitude programming languages: C/C++, Fortran, HTML, CSS, MS-DOS Batch, Java, Javascript, PHP, Python, Perl, Object Pascal, Visual Basic, XML, and more.

We can use this editor to edit individual files, or we can create a Project that spans multiple files, and this way, when we open an existing Project, all the files related to that Project will be opened. For example, if we are creating a web page, we will create a new Project and we will include on it all the files related to that Project: HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP.

The program has a series of tools to ease the programming:

  • Code Explorer: shown here is a summary of the functions, arrays, files imported, etc. Depends on the programming language that we are writing, will appear a series of data, or other. Thanks to this summary we will be able to quickly see the structures that make up the file that we are editing.
  • ASCII Table: this table contains a table with all the ASCII characters , and their correspondence in Decimal, Hex and HTML code.
  • Color Converter: easily converts between HTML code, the name of the color, absolute RGB and RGB percentage. Very useful if we are writing code on a CSS file.
  • Lorem Ipsum Generator: this tool generates a random text without any meaning. It is very useful when we create demo web pages, whose only goal is to preview how the design of the web will be. With this generator we can create texts of several paragraphs with a variable density of words.
  • Text Comparator: this tool compares the text of the two files and highlights the differences that exist between both.
  • Numeric Converter: converts a number between different numbering systems: Decimal, Hexadecimal, Binary, Roman Numerals, N-Base and Time.

An important aspect of programming is the search in source code. This program includes a powerful search engine that allows to find and replace text, search in files, find the parenthesis, brace, or bracket, or do a search directly on Google.

This advanced editor was released on 2001, and actually it is still updating and improving. This makes that this editor has a multitude of features adapted to the needs of the programmers.

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