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Project Tab Manager is a Google Chrome extension that allows to better organize browser tabs.

When we surf the Internet it is usual to open a tab after the other. We open the mail, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, search engines, Online newspapers, etc. All these tabs are accumulated in the browser, and there comes a time that we can't find the tab that we need.
We can open more browser windows to distribute the tabs, but if we open too many tabs, it can consume all memory installed on the PC.

Project Tab Manager helps us to organize all tabs opened in Chrome.

This program is easy to use, we just need to click on the extension in one of the Chrome windows, and save all of the tabs in a new “Project”.

When we create a Project, we are saving multiple tabs together, and put a label (Project's name), so we can retrieve them at any time.

For example : we are doing a work for the university and we open more than 20 tabs related to the topic that we are investigating. The work will last several weeks, so we can't have 20 tabs or more, opened for several weeks on a permanent basis, taking up space on the tab bar, and memory in the computer. We must have the option to save all the tabs related to the work, freeing up space in the tab bar and the PC's memory, and reopen them when we go resume the task.

With Project Tab Manager we will be able to easily save all related tabs to the work. So we just need to open the tabs into a new Chrome window, and click on the extension icon. We will see a list of the tabs opened in current Window. We need to enter a name that identifies the project in the “ New Project Name ” field, and press “plus” (+) icon. This will save all opened tabs, and we can close the window without fear of losing the opened tabs, because at any time, we will be able to retrieve them by clicking on the extension icon and choosing the saved Project.

At any time we cab add new tabs to the Project, or delete those ones that doesn't interest us.

There is a very useful default option, it's the Lazy Load option. This option only load one tab of the project, the other tabs will be loaded when we click on them. That is to say, if our Project have 50 tabs, when we open it, we will see all the 50 tabs, but only one tab will be loaded in memory, other tabs will be loaded when we click on them. This is known as Lazy Load, and it is very useful to avoid overloading the computer's memory unnecessarily.

Another interesting feature of that extension is the collect of usage statistics. That is to say, the extension collects the time we spent visiting the tabs of each Project, and shows a graph that indicates the amount of time that we have spent on each project. In this way we will know if we have managed efficiently the time that we dedicated on the Project.
We can see the statistics selecting a time range, which will provide us with more information about how we spend our time in front of the browser.

This extension is very simple to use and very handy. Without a doubt, an extension that should be installed in all Chrome browsers, as this serves both to those who make a moderate use of the browser, as well as for those who have 100 or more tabs opened at the same session.

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