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Obviously, you are familiar with watching your favorite television shows and channels online on your computer on some video streaming websites such as YouTube or live on television channel websites. Or you just love listening to some cool radio stations in the background while you study or work on your laptop. But have you ever wondered what if you could take a step ahead of this like recording these shows or adding some more channels to your entertainment wish list?

Well, wonder no more. ProgDVB is remarkable and very professional software that unlocks these possibilities way beyond you think. Basically, ProgDVB is a powerful software that helps you watch television channels and listen to radio channels directly from satellite by using DVB cards like DVBS(Satellite)/DVB-T(Terrestrial)/DVB-C(Cable), etc. In addition to this, ProgDVB also lets you play internet television and radio streams from almost around 8000 channels. And this is not the end. 

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What does it offer?

ProgDVB brings HDTV quality, lets you record all that you love to watch and listen for later viewing, make scheduled records so that nothing interferes while you perform other tasks on your computer, picture-in-picture(PIP) feature, channel flipping, dual tuner for watching one show while recording other to watch later, Diseqc (Die-Sec) to control multiple LNB's, and IPTV/Internet TV/OTT functions. 

In addition to this, you can also adjust the app to close itself or even shut down your computer, hibernate or stay stand by once it's done doing some recording, etc. 

Yes, It's Free But...

Although ProgDVB offers all these and a few other super features, it is not entirely free. It comes in three packs, which are Standard(Freeware), Network Edition, and Professional. To know about the difference in features offered in these packs, you might visit their website. In my opinion, its paid version is not that expensive, so once you are familiar with the free version, you might want to unlock the full potential of ProgDVB. 

Basic System Configuration Required

As far as general computer requirements like processor speed, RAM, and drive storage are concerned, almost all current PC will support ProgDVB software. But aside from this, it will also require:

  • DVB cards to watch digital television and listen to radio from satellite and internet, 
  • Satellite Dish, 
  • 32-Bit or 64-Bit Windows operating system,
  • Version 2 or above of Microsoft .Net Framework,
  • SVGA video card adaptor,
  • Network adaptor for better broadcasting,
  • SoundBlaster compatible sound card. 

If you do not have a DVB card installed, ProgDVB still works for internet television and radio streams.

Installation and Working Overview

ProgDVB is easy to install and use. During installation, it will ask you to tune several of its settings which, if you are a beginner, can skip starting with the default and basic options. After installation, its user interface is also very well structured, so you easily remember the menu items. Although its relatively a professional software, which certainly implies that for starters, it might seem a bit complicated, with regular usage, your familiarity index will definitely increase in a short period. And once you are confident with your understanding of it, you can always re-configure default settings to suit your experience level from the settings panel. 

End of thought

ProgDVB is a highly professional software designed to give you the best possible television experience on your computer. And it's not that television is now a thing of the past era or will become obsolete. Of course, television has evolved into smart TVs. However, still, they are hardware-dependent, which cannot be upgraded without getting a new one, and the quality of content and the number of channels offered is also minimal. ProgDVB simply helps you explore new avenues of entertainment by overcoming these barriers without compromising your computer performance or your work time.

by Augusto Baldi

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