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PowerStrip is a program that allows you to modify the configuration of your graphic card and your monitor. It draws reports displaying the information of your graphic devices.

PowerStrip gives advanced support to configure the hardware of a wide selection of graphic cards.

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It is the only program which supports multiple types of graphic cards with different chips, simultaneously, under the same windows operating system.

A simple pop-up menu on the side of the task bar provides access to around 500 graphic hardware controls, including colour correction tools and clock controls which are independent from the driver.

PowerStrip detects when the programs are executed and activates a specific screen configuration, gamma adjust, rendering adjust and even clock speed – going back to normal once the program is closed. Quick keys allow you to give more or less shining to a game while you’re playing it.

You’ll be able to control the speed to which the screen refreshes. As well as diagnosis of the graphic card and getting advanced reports. You can even save the position of your icons on your desktop to recover it later on.

by Augusto Baldi

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