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PlaylistAI: Your Personal Jukebox Juiced Up with AI

"Turn your thoughts into a playlist." If that isn’t mind-blowing, then I don't know what is! Our talented developer friend Brett Bauman brings us the future of music selection with his awe-inspiring, pixel-perfect web app -- PlaylistAI. Formerly known as LineupSupply, it's now putting its best foot forward in the techno-party light and dancing to a whole new tech beat.

If you've ever found yourself entranced by early 2000s pop music or if playing board games on a rainy day gets your feet tapping, then we’ve got sweet news for you - PlaylistAI will use those mental jams to conjure up an absolute musical masterpiece right before your ears.

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But that's just the bass drop… It’s not merely limited to your nostalgic moments. You can transform any music festival poster into a monster playlist faster than popcorn pops! Give this beast an image and watch as it picks out artist names like cherries off a tree and turns them into an eargasmic symphony.

Hold up! Are you stuck trying to remember that catchy beat from last night's TikTok spree? Don't stress! Simply chuck the video into PlaylistAI, and voila, we're cooking up some wholesome playlists from those elusive earworms. Ready for serving hot, crispy, tuneful toast!

And what was that about creating your own music festival lineup? Yes mate, buckle up ‘cause coming next is your personal Coachella-in-a-Click. Using this absolute game-changer of an app and feeding it with musical consumption patterns of the past one month or maybe even 12 – Basically, choose-your-own-music-history-timeframe – it churns out a glossy personalized festival lineup poster alongside tunes hotter than July!

With rave reviews from FastCompany, TechCrunch, MusicRadar,, Lifehacker and more, I argue this isn't just any sound machine; it's the future of personalized tunescapes. With a super simple interface smoother than peanut butter on toast, creating your tunes has never been easier (or, frankly, funkier)!

PlaylistAI is the ultimate tool that delivers music experiences leveled up to infinity, combining tech and tune-in in one slick package and looking for a refreshing source of musical inspiration. Check. After a quirky listen while you’re out and about? Double check.

So go ahead, become an absolute tune-master with PlaylistAI – Instant playlists everywhere – Kenny G at a coffee shop wouldn’t even be surprised!

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