Plants VS Zombies

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Plants VS Zombies is a game with which you will have fun killing zombies that come into your garden.

Plants VS Zombies is a typical toser defense style game. With this program you need to put plants in your garden that will launch balls so you can defend yourself from the zombies.

Plants VS Zombies screenshot

The scenarios of Plants VS Zombies are the front and the back yard and the fence of your house. You need to get all suns that are falling from the sky so that your plants grow so you can put them into the gardens or on the roof. Plants are your soldiers, and as you move on in the game new species will be incorporated to it. It will also appear are new kinds of zombies.

The main objective of Plants VS Zombies is taking care of home of the waves of zombies that want to invade, buying and putting anti zombies plants in different types of grass. The zombies are tough and do not die first, you will realize that their strength decreases when lowering their arms. So at this point they have little life and you will win the match.

Your last defense is the mowers, which will help you take down the zombies when they eat your plants and get closer to your home in order to eat your brain. You need to consider that the mowers will be activated and will destroy all the zombies that are in the same line.

In Plants VS Zombies you can configure the zombies, or choose to have either physical features that have to be fearful bad. In the game you will find out four modes to play: Adventure, Mini games, Puzzle and Survival. Start by Adventure so that the other modes are unlocked.

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