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Throughout the years, there has been a war between plants and zombies in a parallel universe; that is why Plants vs Zombies has come to change the world and prepare you for possible apocalyptic worlds where you will learn to value plants and know some of the benefits they usually provide. Also, and why not, this game is perfect for you if you are one of those who like to boast about being a good strategist.

An important aspect is the diversity of plants that you can find. If you are a botany lover, your strategy will work much better because certain types of plants are strengthened or will give you some additional capabilities to defeat the largest number of zombies that try to enter the house you must protect.

Another aspect of the game is the diversity of zombies that it has. The more zombies you destroy, the more worlds you will have to take care of since the game has had important updates in which new worlds have been added, including more variety of plants and zombies, as well as game modes where you will win with the highest score among several players.

The game is extremely basic for people who like nature, especially plants because you can learn a lot about them, as it is particularly made for people of any age, as their levels do not require much thinking, just try to use your own strategies and exploit them to the fullest.

You also must remember that you have to use the rewards you get properly, so you don't run out of them and can use them at the right moment.

Another thing that is appreciated is that it does not have any annoying advertising that is usually interrupted at every moment in the game.

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