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Phoenicas is a free download 2D shooting arcade videogame.

Phoenicas is a traditional shooter game, in which the player must establish some defence to protect human beings and rescue them from their kidnappers claws.

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Name: freeware

After an exciting alien attack to the Earth only six human have survived. Five of them are on space ships without weapons and the last one of them, you, the player, commands a battle ship.

The mission in Phoenicas is taking care of the human beings that still are on Herat and protecting them from new alien attacks, which will attempt to attack your space ship and kidnap the ships to eliminate the human race for good.

In Phoenicas you will be able to use different strategies to survive and defend yourself from the aliens: new weapons and special powers. Test you cunning through the different game’s levels and modes to reach the higher score.

You will be able to sin points in Phoenicas for combinations, with ultra quick abilities through selective and exact shots, as well as in the protection and rescue of human beings. It is recommended to use a joystick to enhance the videogame.

Besides, you will be able to participate on Phoenicas’ records and win positions on the world ranking of this game.

by Augusto Baldi

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