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Performous is a funny program that helps boosting the user’s vocal and musical skills.

Performous makes up an excellent tool if you are a music fan and you like singing, playing an instrument or just doing karaoke. With this program you can boost these skills, have fun in group and grade the songs' performance, too.

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Performous is downloaded for free, of open source and fast system set up. You just only need to download the zip folder and run it from the computer. It also supports the main operating systems, so you can run it without problems in any of them.

With Performous you can have fun in several ways:

  • Download songs and set them up in the program to do karaoke with your friends.
  • Try your skills with different instruments like the guitar, keyboard, drums or flute.
  • Compose your own musical themes, record and then edit them.
  • Plug in a dancing carpet to your computer and synchronize it with Performous.
  • Grade your vocal and musical skills’ progress and your friends’.
  • Play with three more players at the same time.

To properly run Performous you should adjust the microphone and video options of your equipment. In this way, you will make the most of the program and will make it more interesting for those who use it.

Performous’ graphic interface is attractive and the selection page looks like a jukebox. It offers the possibility of playing the videos in each track while the songs are being performed. Of course, with the karaoke function it also offers the lyrics' subtitles.

Performous supports most multimedia files and this makes it a more popular and accessible programme than others. It also includes a song editor that helps in the edition of tracks that are composed and recorded with the program.

by Augusto Baldi

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