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Pencil is a free Firefox 3 extension used to create and edit diagrams and interface prototypes.

Pencil allows you to create illustrations as if they were drawn on paper. You can also create 2D animations using traditional drawing techniques, since Pencil includes a wide range of tools for you to use at will.

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With this open source and multi-platform software, you can create background images for web sites and documents, install templates created by other users, generate graphics and vectors, and create all kinds of illustrations. You can either start from scratch, or make any change you may need and implement new elements in the existing templates and files.

On the one hand, Pencil includes a wide range of geometrical figures, comment templates, bullets and other elements for the design of web sites. On the other hand, it also provides tools to create hand-drawing like illustrations and to rotate, cut, transform, adjust, align, group and edit each of these elements, figures or drawings. As well as working with objects, Pencil allows you to work with enriched text and to apply any necessary final changes to your graphics and illustrations.

Also with this plug-in, you can animate a vectors illustration creating frame by frame animations, thanks to Pencil’s time and channels tool used to render the action. You can export the animation in video format (.mov) or flash (.swf). Besides, Pencil provides further export formats: raster graphics (PNG), text files (.odt y .doc), and PDF and HTML files.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pencil downloadable for Windows 10?
Yes, this software can be downloaded and is compatible with Windows 10.
What operating systems is it compatible with?
This software is compatible with the following 32-bit Windows operating systems:
Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP.
Here you can download the 32-bit version of Pencil.

As for Windows 64-bit, this software is compatible with:
Windows 10 64 bits, Windows 8 64 bits, Windows 7 64 bits.
Here you can download the 64-bit version of Pencil.
Is it compatible with 64-bit operating systems?
Yes, it is compatible with Windows 64-bit, in the following link you can download the 64-bit version.
What files do I need to download to install this software on my Windows PC?
To install Pencil on your PC, you have to download the file to your Windows and install it.
If you want to install the 64-bit version, you will need to download the file and install it on your Windows.
Which version of the program am I going to download?
The current version we offer is the 3.1.0. For Windows 64-bit the version we offer is the 3.1.0.
Is Pencil free?
Yes, this program is free so you will be able to use it without any limitations, and without additional cost.
Also, this software is open source, which means that you will be able to download the source code of the program, and if you are knowledgeable enough, you will be able to see how the software works internally and modify its functionality.
Are there alternatives and programs similar to Pencil?
Yes, here you can see similar programs and alternatives.
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