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PDFTK Builder is an application dedicated to manage in an excellent way the files PDF.

In that way with PDFTK Builder you can treat, to handle and besides to edit several files PDF and to unite them in a, what is quite interesting due to the fact that if we consider that all these files PDF have a theme in common, it would be possible you simply join them without any problem thanks to the function that the same offers.

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The advantage of doing what was mentioned before is that PDFTK Builder gives you the option of inserting a PDF document in another one, indicating between which pages of the original document are supposed to be inserted, and shows you the pages range of the document to be inserted. This is a true option for those users who wish to edit and collect information in this kind of formats.

But I contradict him can happen also: with PDFTK Builder it is possible to save each one of the pages of a document PDF as independent files. Besides, it is possible to vary certain pages of a document, could rotate them if that is necessary. The possibility exists of applying codes of safety in the processed documents, putting marks of water, prohibiting to copy the content of the document, impeding that you/they are qualified the impression functions and a series of other functions that are available in PDFTK Builder in the memento of compiling a final document.

by Augusto Baldi

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