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PcBolsa is an application with which you will have all information you wish about the most famous world stock exchanges in real time.

The stock exchanges markets manage high amounts, thanks to PcBolsa you could follow these changes and make a market analysis. The installation is completely simple, without any stumble.

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When opening PcBolsa, you will receive very nice welcome with a short text explaining what the program is about and offering other services as Premium customer. Once you see how its window looks like, you will find e list of the most famous markets in the world and if you are not familiarized with stock exchanges, probably will be a little bit confused with so many information at once.

PcBolsa counts with a series of bars in the upper part of the window, in which you could find a lot of tabs with lots of information offered by this application: News, Alarms, Portfolios, Markets and Community. In Markets tab bottom, you will se other tabs with the main markets.

PcBolsa is a complete application, with specific information about the world economy, offering cipher in real time with descriptions as: time, volume, currency and graphics. Registering in PcBolsa doesn’t have any cost and it is necessary to Access the system with Name and Password so that you can be part of the options this application offers.

by Augusto Baldi

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