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PC Matic Home Security protects our PC from Internet-based threats.

It is important to protect our PC from viruses, malware and malicious or harmful software. This type of program can destroy critical system data, steal confidential information or display annoying pop-ups each time.

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There are many PCs that have not installed any security system that will protect them from the dangers that exist on the Internet.

The software PC Matic Home Security, protects our PC from viruses and other threats. The software has the VIPRE antivirus engine, which is a recognized and award-winning anti-virus software. This ensures that our PC will always be well protected. Even so, no antivirus on the market offers a 100% security guarantee. To offer us the best possible protection, this software has Super Shield technology, which improves protection against unknown software.

Super Shield prevents running programs that are not on whitelist. The whitelist is located in the cloud (Internet servers), where it is updated constantly thanks to the data that sent all the PCs that have this software installed. If for example we are going to run the whatsapp.exe file, the antivirus blocks this app, and check the data from the white list and if this application is found in the whitelist permits its execution, if not, analyzes it and if it is harmless, the software allows it to be executed. Of course this is just an example and the way in which the system works is more complex and sophisticated.

Another danger that is perhaps more unknown, is taking advantage of vulnerabilities of certain programs. For example, it is possible that the version of the free software Java from 2 years ago have a security problem that does not exist in current versions. This vulnerability makes every user that has installed this old version software, to be exposed to someone that know how to exploit that vulnerability, and try to steal confidential information or simply destroy important data from the PC.

Many times we do not update programs because file size of updates are 100 or 200 Mb. PC Matic Home Security protects us from this danger thanks to Vulnerability Protection. This system is responsible for download and install automatically and transparently updates of free software installed in our PC. We can schedule the update start time.

The three elements that make up this security software (Vipre antivirus, Super Shield, and Vulnerability Protection) make it a very good choice to install it in our PC and let it take care of the PC's safety and protection.

PC Matic Home Security is free and can be used indefinitely. We can install the program even in 3 computers with the same license. So it can protect a lot of computers in our House. The software is free for personal use, if we want to make professional use, we should buy a business version that includes support and extra features.

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