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Path to Nowhere is a strategic role-playing game set in a post-apocalyptic world where a virus affects people's brains, turning them into zombies. The only cure is under the care of the big boss of this powerful mafia, which tries to conquer the world.

First of all, we can observe that the creators of the game AISNO games bet on the dubbing of the characters in the game, which makes it very attractive since it is scarce to see these types of games dubbed in their entirety.

The game arena is a tower board species, where you can use six characters of each type in a specific space of the arena either to attack or defend against a range of enemies ready to kill you; the curious thing about this game is that it allows you to move the character in another position during the battlefield, but this, has a limit of moves you can do.

The design of the characters is excellent, and you feel trapped in this cyberpunk-style world, full of gangsters, where you can see our heroines with super sexy outfits; the gangster outfit is not wrong at all.

As for the characters, they are classified by their rarity into three types "S " (the highest class), "A," and "B " (the lowest rank). However, some characters can be of a different class by their ability, but they are indispensable on the battlefield.

The music is not bad either, since, in epic battles, it hooks you, and when there is a sad moment in the story, this music changes to a lower tone that gets you, so it captures the mood of the player.

Another fundamental aspect of the game is the monetization system, where you can buy items with real money and the coins you earn by completing tasks or quests within the game.

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