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Password Revealer shows passwords hidden behind the asterisks.

Sometimes we forget a password we use to access any service or program. This should not be a problem if we use a password manager like KeePass, but in case we haven't installed any password manager software, we can resort to this small tool which can help us to reveal the characters that are hidden behind the asterisks.

Password Revealer screenshot
Password Revealer screenshot 2

Password Revealer is very easy to use. We should download the file, which occupies less than 100 Kilobytes, and run it. It doesn't require any kind of installation, so we will be able to take it with us on any USB drive or USB memory stick.

When we launch the program, it displays a window with a button that says “Reveal!”. The program consists only of that button, nothing more. To reveal what lies behind the asterisks in a form, we should select the window where the field with asterisks is located, and then press on Password Revealer “Reveal!” button. The asterisks will automatically be converted to characters, and the password that had been hidden behind the asterisks will be displayed.

The program only works with Windows forms, so it will not work with web pages forms. In addition, it doesn't work with all Windows forms, so that we must have in mind that it is not one hundred percent effective. Despite all this, the software is recommended, because it can lead us out of more of a hurry, and we must have in mind that it is free, takes up little space and requires no installation.

As a final note some antivirus software may raise a false-positive, and detect the program as a threat. This is because some anti-virus believe that the function of the program (reveal hidden fields with asterisks), can be a threat and can be used to reveal and steal the passwords of the programs installed on the Computer.

by Augusto Baldi

Operating Systems