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Passkey for DVD is an application to decrypt DVD disks encrypted.

With Passkey for DVD you can use all the DVDs you have, even those with copy prohibition and that are encrypted. You can manage and remove the region code or region-which are often problematic, and remove the protections that the disc has.

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Passkey for DVD releases DVDs deciphering the data contained on them. In this way, you can use and manage the content of DVDs as you wish. With Passkey for DVD you can copy, edit and delete some of the information contained on the DVD and also get the necessary keys to extract information on the disc.

By using Passkey for DVD you can also rip DVD content on the hard drive of your computer and access tools such as Imgburn, AVS Copy, Roxio, WinDVD and Nero Recode, among others, to record and recode copy DVDs without security.

Once you've cracked the Passkey for DVD you can play it on your computer like any other player, for example, one connected to the TV. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy videos, movies and your favourite series. Unrestricted and full!

by Augusto Baldi

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