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OpenTTD is a free open source version of Transport Tycoon game, in which the main goal is to control a transport company to convert it in the biggest one in the world.

The fundamental objective of OpenTTD is to generate as much money as possible in transporting people from one place to another within the city, loading of goods either by air, roads (which we build ourselves) or by sea. As we move forward the game and go beating the other rival companies, we will have access to improved from the corporative point of view, the provision of transport services, so that many more local clients or from other cities hire us and thus earn more money.

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To start our future transport empire, it is necessary to build train stations and bus stops as close as possible to industries already established in the city. The several tools that will provide us OpenTTD offer a lot of possibilities when it comes to "winning the race” for the top. And who knows? We might have a monopoly before we know it :-).

OpenTTD may become a personal challenge and that is why the hours we spend in front of our computer, planning, arranging, searching strategies and undertaking new challenges in our own virtual company, can provide us a very satisfying feeling.

by Augusto Baldi

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