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OpenClonk is a multiplayer game of action, skill and tactics.

Start playing OpenClonk is very easy: build a mine and explore it to discover interesting resources. For that you will count with the help of particular figures: clonks, a little, stout and witty humanoid species.

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OpenClonk mainly talks about mining and colonization, production and economy. The player, a clonk, controls other clonks to combat against other players. The game and different actions are developed out of this basis.

The battles than can be waged in OpenClonk are quite diverse: challenges between noble hidalgos as in the middle Ages; fights of knights with armors; challenges between wizards and dragons, and attacks from rocket launchers against aircrafts.

OpenClonk is in constant development, as it is an open code program and its developers accept all kinds of suggestions and additions to improve the playfulness of the game. Due to this same reason, being an open code program, OpenClonk provides numerous possibilities to create your own scenarios, objects and campaigns.

OpenClonk has versions for various languages, English among them, so we can all enjoy this game without language conditioning.

by Augusto Baldi

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