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Open Contacts is a very complete address book with a lot of different features that allows you to have an easy administration of the people, the departments and the companies information booked on it.

These are few of the most important features of Open Contact:

  • Unlimited space to save the contact information. It is also possible to add more of them and to group them by sections.
  • The contacts could be group by category and sub categories.
  • The program is totally compatible with the following applications: Skype, e-mail and Internet surf programs. In addition, it is possible to use Google Map in order to see the map with the address of a contact.
  • It also allows importing information from other applications as: MS Outlook, Outlook Express (WAB), Eudora, Netscape/Mozilla Thunderbird, XML (xCard), CSV, LDIF, Vista and vCard. The data could be export in different formats as: text, CSV, Excel, vCard, XML (xCard), HTML, hCard and XFN (XHTML Friends Network).

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Open Contacts is also portable. This means that you can take all your contact information in a mobile storage device, as a flash memory, and also to execute the program in other computers.

It is a no cost and a free distribution program. Open Contact is the perfect solution for those that are looking for a complete address book that allows you working with the contacts.

by Augusto Baldi

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