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One Must Fall 2097 is a combat game that mixes adrenaline and emotion and is based on futuristic robots who fight in arenas to become Ganymede´s governor.

There are 11 robots to be chosen. Each one has predefined standard fight qualities. The game starts with a quite a week robot, and it`s gonna be necessary to increase its capacities, the same way as character´s features as strength, speed and resistance.

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In One Must Fall 2097 the Money comes from beating the enemies and this way it will be possible to buy better and more advanced robots. There are a lot of games in which it is possible to fight with different level of difficulty opponents.

As the game goes on you will learn unique and special movements and robots that couldn´t be selected in “single player” mode. The graphic aspect of One Must Fall 2097 is very important.

We can pay special attention to the quality of graphic, musical and game details, as to your viability and duration. This game was fully developed by Rob Elam and his brother Ryan Elam, excepting for the music written by Kenny Chou.

Now you have the possibility to be a robot thanks to this wonderful 3D game.

by Augusto Baldi

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