What program does Germán Garmendia (holasoygerman) record and broadcast with?


OBS Studio is the software that Germán Garmendia prefers for his recordings and live transmissions in Twitch

That is, the program used by Germán Garmendia to record his videos and to make his live shows in Twitch is not other than OBS Studio, software known by many of you and that allows the recording of videos and the broadcast of live shows in platforms like Twitch and YouTube. It is also completely free software that can be downloaded for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

You can download the latest version of OBS Studio for Windows from our Usitility website. You will have available both the 32-bit and the 64-bit version.

Germán Garmendia two OBS Studios Better than one

The video published on September 20, 2018, on the JuegaGerman channel titled "JuegaGerman - DETRAS DE CAMARAS", you can see how Germán shows his 3 monitors with the ones he works and plays every day, and in one of them, you can see how he is using the OBS Studio recording software. In addition to being able to see him clearly in the video, HolaSoyGerman himself comments on it at minute 01:55 of the video uploaded to YouTube. Here is the video where German says that the recording software he uses is OBS Studio (he just mentions it as OBS):

As he explains along the video, he uses 2 instances of OBS Studio: one to record the game he is playing, and the other one to record his face. In this way, we imagine that later he will be able to edit his videos more easily, having recorded separately his face and the gameplay (or video reaction) of his final video.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the OBS Studio on the left is the one he uses to record his face, and the OBS Studio on the right, he uses it to record what is displayed on his central monitor, which is the one he plays with and uses to play the videos he reacts to. At the moment of capture, the OBS Studio on the left shows his room in the background, and his girlfriend holding the camera with which they are recording the video.

In the image above, we see how the OBS on the left is capturing both the video from the camera and the audio from the microphone (you can see the green horizontal bar moving).

In the image above, you can see that Germán chooses to use the OBS Studio with its dark theme in both instances. Also, you can see that he uses a very basic scene configuration, having only one scene in each OBS instance.

As Germán himself comments, he uses OBS Studio to record, and later in the video, he says he uses a third monitor for the Twitch chat, so we understand that he uses OBS to do live broadcasts on the Twitch platform.

We can conclude by saying that OBS Studio is a great program and that it suits the needs of a large number of users. One could think that one of the most famous and popular YouTubers worldwide could be using a paid software for the recording of their videos, but this is not so, and we see how an open-source and free software, covers the needs of this popular content creator.

So if you want to make video recordings for YouTube or broadcast live on Twitch, don't hesitate, download and install OBS Studio on your PC and you'll be able to carry out these tasks without any problem. 100% German Garmendia recommended.

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