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NetBeans IDE is a program that works with open code and is good for the development of applications inspired by different platform.

Its basic functionality is to make applications of one of the most powerful technologies at the moment and the last times ones like the language programming Java.

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To install NetBeans IDE correctly you need to have JDK (Java Development Kit). It may be that the installation has some delayed and be slow, however when running this Java applications designer, you will be ok with its delay. It offers a wide and excellent range of possibilities and alternatives to perform all that you need.

With NetBeans IDE, you will also be able to create graphic interfaces in a visual way, applications that are compatible with cellular or wireless mobiles, among other functions.

NetBeans IDE interface can seem a little complex at the beginning; in case which it is unknown so as its language, you may find it a little strange. However, with some practice, interest and curiosity you will be able to find out each one of the abilities of this open code program and this way to develop multiplatform applications.

NetBeans IDE is an excellent tool to develop applications for your computer desktop, for your web page and even for portable devices, using Java technology.

by Augusto Baldi

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