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Need For Speed Shift is a new videogame from NFS saga, this time with a new way of entertainment between driving and simulation, trying to innovate as always.

Need For Speed Shift presents a videogame with graphics formats completely great for you, and regarding its content it will leave you totally shocked. It counts with a list of more than 50 vehicles, great landscapes with all kinds of circuits and a remarkable sound band. This videogame offers you a great capacity of cars configuration and changes as driving assistance, breaks assistance, antilock breaks, stability control, vehicle design, vinyl, motor evolution, breaks, suspensions, and more. Its managing will involve you in a realistic and unique experience.

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With Need For Speed Shift you will count with multiplayer option that will offer the possibility of quick races up to 8 players, pilots duels, and also facing the lost truth, in which you will start loosing cars and being in the lowest positions of the list, or facing the triumph and being the number one.

Need For Speed Shift is a videogame that will for sure fill your expectations as a Speedy and cars lover.

by Augusto Baldi

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