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MyTourbook is a program with which you will be able to run the programming to a trip you wish to do, or, in more “professional” words, is a program to transfer trips importation from GPS devices, gym or bike groups.

This program will give you all tools that you need to your tour and your location.

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Among lots of functions that MyTourbook brings are: showing and analyzing Tours, altitude graphics, latitude, pulse, etc., maps visualization, comparing Tours, statistics analysis, total description of the event that is planned, from the name to the distance that is planned to be ran and many others.

To have a great performance with MyTourbook you have to connect your PC to your GPS and then apply all the interchanges of different tours or, if you rather, do your own programming for the next event.

Its design is a little bit confused and because of the great number of tools offered by this touristic program, maybe you could lose your patience trying to make some specific move, but if you handle it with calm, observing each one of its qualities, you will be fascinated for sure with this great GPS program, MyTourbook.

by Augusto Baldi

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