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Myths of Moonrise is a strategy role-playing game in which mythological creatures coexist with humans. In it, you will be able to defeat your enemies thanks to the 3 matches in the combats.

But before getting into this game, you must get to know the characters that will accompany you all the time, and here you'll find a system of heroes based on you, where you'll get to know their abilities and strengths.

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Among these characters, we have the following:

  • Demons (Purple): these will serve us to cause a significant amount of damage in battle when we face the demon hunters.
  • Werewolves (Green): These kinds of characters are experts in melee fighting, and like the demons, they cause significant damage to their enemies.
  • Demon hunters (Yellow): expert in hunting demons.
  • Warlocks (Blue): stronger than vampires but somewhat weak against werewolves.
  • Vampires (Red): they are more potent than werewolves, so they are great for a battle between them.

All these characters already mentioned are classified into three different types, the Musketeer Heroes, Rider Heroes, and Bruiser Heroes, which have a detailed classification by their color, specifying each one of the elements that these represent within the game.

For the combats, what differentiates it from other games is the possibility of combining 3 Match with the same element, and forming a team of 5 members, so that you can defeat anyone who gets in your way.

Another important aspect, like any game in this category, is that it has a story mode where you will use a map of the world, where you can send your troops to conquer new lands, but also will serve to gain experience, level up, earn new rewards, form alliances, etc.

The game's designs are excellent, and you get trapped in this world where you won't be able to stop playing.

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    How to PLAY Myths of Moonrise on PC

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