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My Talking Tom Friends, another version of the Talking Tom series, is also available. Like other versions in the series, this game has beautiful 3D graphics but is more geared towards children.

The single title brings together all of the characters in the saga into one game. You can manage a variety of characters simultaneously, including Tom, Angela, and Ginger, as well as Ben, Hak, and Beca, who all live in the same house. It's very similar to previous installments. However, one major difference is that you can interact with all the characters by simply pressing the portrait. You can also customize every element in the house. The characters have an even greater customization potential. You can change the decor and style of your living room, as well as the kitchen's furniture, and even create a new look for your garden. There are many places to explore in the city with their own distinct characteristics.

There is a small open world in the garden and house where pets can interact with many of the objects, including the kitchen and plants. If they are hurt, you can feed them and even give them medicine. You can also carry out small missions. There are many mini-games like those that take you to the pool or puzzles.

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    How to PLAY My Talking Tom Friends on PC

    Download My Talking Tom Friends on PC How to enjoy My Talking Tom Friends on a laptop or desktop, and how it operates? This is actually often the topic posed...