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As we know, computers with the Windows operating system come with the famous File Explorer installed, a tool thanks to which we can navigate through the contents stored on our hard disks. Thanks to it, we can review a particular file or document and know on which path it is, although it is also true that from time to time, it does not help us enough.

Therefore, if you believe that the File Explorer developed by Microsoft is a bit obsolete, we recommend you try your luck with one of the best third-party alternatives, as is the Multicommander program.

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As we said, Multicommander is a service that will allow you to perform the same actions as Windows Explorer. Nevertheless, it adds many other features that, at least to us, we have found very interesting. Among them is the possibility of opening several tabs to see more than one content at the same time or, on the contrary, opening two folders in the same window to move files from one to the other.

In this way, Multicommander becomes a file explorer with attractive administrator functions because of these features, and it is free, and you don't have to pay for it. It will surely be helpful if you want to work on your computer more efficiently than before.

Another detail of this application we liked is that it can integrate perfectly with most multimedia files today, with comprehensive support for known formats and other less-used ones. This is an essential advantage over other similar software that does not offer so many possibilities.

If you are primarily looking for a platform that can complement your integrated networking needs, you should know that this allows you to connect via FTP or to a shared network drive, which is not common in its segment.

And finally, keep in mind that you will be able to customize almost absolutely this file manager, both in terms of the appearance we will discuss next, as well as the functions it offers us. When you do so, you won't lose the dual pane design, the two windows open simultaneously, and other of its specifications.

Keep in mind

The installation process of Multicommander is not the shortest, and yet, in this case, we could say that the delays are somewhat justified since you chose much of the content to be downloaded during this time.

Next, we review some of these little extras that you can install:

  • MultiFileViewer: allows you to view files beyond their size.
  • RAR Support adds compatibility with RAR files to view their contents.
  • Windows Registry as Filesystem: this will enable you to browse the Windows Registry.
  • FTP: adds support for connecting to FTP-type servers.
  • 7Zip Support: it will allow you to see the contents of other compressed files, the 7Zip.
  • Portable Device Filesystem: this allows you to open portable devices to view their files.
  • MultiFile Tools: adds valuable tools for working with uncommon files.
  • MC-Utils will enable you to manage files with images, audio, and video.

As for the interface of this application, we can highlight first that it is versatile since it will adapt to the type of use that each user wants to give it, as well as simple since functionality prevails over aesthetics. Beyond that, it is also appreciated that it is translated into other languages and that the translation is well done, and the organization of content follows the line that we are used to seeing in Windows.

The best

It is a program that has a lot of functions when moving files from one place to another or comparing them, as well as several shortcuts that we can configure the way we want. Its customization capacity and the different visualization modes, one of them configurable, are other strong points.

The Worst

Although this software has no significant deficiencies that we have noticed during our experience of use, it is true that at some point, we missed that the tabs could move, which would have been helpful when moving from one to another when they are far away. This is just a detail since it has convinced us without any problems in all the relevant aspects.


If you have ever complained about the File Explorer integrated into your PC with the Windows operating system during the last year, wait no longer and download Multicommander because there is no color between them. This application has been designed to navigate more efficiently between our contents and, except for some little thing we have mentioned, it more than fulfills its task,

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Multicommander downloadable for Windows 10?
Yes, this software can be downloaded and is compatible with Windows 10.
What operating systems is it compatible with?
This software is compatible with the following 32-bit Windows operating systems:
Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP.
Here you can download the 32-bit version of Multicommander.

As for Windows 64-bit, this software is compatible with:
Windows 11 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows XP 64-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 2003 64-bit.
Here you can download the 64-bit version of Multicommander.
Is it compatible with 64-bit operating systems?
Yes, it is compatible with Windows 64-bit, in the following link you can download the 64-bit version.
What files do I need to download to install this software on my Windows PC?
To install Multicommander on your PC, you have to download the MultiCommander_win32_( file to your Windows and install it.
If you want to install the 64-bit version, you will need to download the MultiCommander_x64_( file and install it on your Windows.
Which version of the program am I going to download?
The current version we offer is the 12.8 (Build 2929). For Windows 64-bit the version we offer is the 12.8 (Build 2929).
Is Multicommander free?
Yes, this program is free so you will be able to use it without any limitations, and without additional cost.
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