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M.U.G.E.N is a graphic motor to “create” fight video games, you wont have to create the video game but edit it as you wish, add people, stages, screen packs and music, an attractive way of customizing a video game.

This amazing video game allows changing a simple fight video game into a complex battle scenario with the most famous video game’s characters or important social characters. The real impressive thing about M.U.G.E.N is the capacity of being customizable; you will be able to change whatever you want until have the fight video game you wish.

M.U.G.E.N screenshot

The reason why this program makes the difference is its possibility of adding known world virtual entertainment characters and world wide known people, from Marvel fighters to Street Fighter warriors, with only one condition, that they are compatible with M.U.G.E.N system.

Scenarios lists, characters, music, movements, strokes, that brings M.U.G.E.N are hard to calculate, since you can change them until you are satisfied. This program works with several folders, which has video game’s visual and graphic effects (stages, chars, fonts, logos, screen packs, etc.)

Goku vs. Homer, Sonic vs. Superman, are some of the battles you can be in IF you use M.U.G.E.N, this graphic motor will let you express your imagination using the characters you’ve always wanted to see in combat.

by Augusto Baldi

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