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MU Origin 2 is a 3D fantasy MMORPG that features automated PvE & PvP battles in a world of mystical creatures. This is a sequel to the popular MU online game. It follows a standard storyline, where you form a team with mythical heroes to defeat the evil lords.

You have five options for choosing your character: swordsman (archer), mage, magic gladiator, and diviner. You can choose from a variety of skills, abilities, damage, health, and special abilities.

The gameplay works completely automatically. You just need to tap on a mission, and your character will take care of the rest. Your hero will fight and kill enemies while looting simultaneously. If you want to engage in more active battles, you can also play with manual controls.

You have many quests, dungeon attacks, story mode missions, and non-story quests. Levels are rewarded with new equipment and skills points, which can be used in battles.

Multiplayer mode allows you to take on other players in PvP fights. Players have the freedom to roam and choose any target they wish to attack or loot on a map. Attacking other players will make you look like a 'good Lord,' and a bounty will be placed on your head. This makes you more attractive to other players. You also get rewards for securing your place on the leaderboard.


  • Enjoy 5 classes
  • Explore the vast realms and raid other players
  • PvP duels are a great way to get your opponent's loot
  • You can play hundreds of missions, quests, and challenges
  • To strengthen your heroes, you can reap rewards
  • Amazing animations in stunning real-life settings
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    How to PLAY MU ORIGIN 2 on PC

    How to PLAY MU ORIGIN 2 on PC

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