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MSNCleaner is a malwares detector frequently received by MSN Messenger instant messages program.

Maybe in several opportunities you have received from contacts messages with subtitles like “look at my picture”, or in general exe extension files; you can receive them naively And latter you will realize that wasn’t any link to another page, either some photo link, this file that you have received was a malware.

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It doesn’t mean that your contact would want to damage your computer; in fact these malicious files are automatically sent from a contact to another, affecting maybe the entire net.

MSNCleaner is a very useful tool nowadays, since anyone escapes from MSN use, and as everybody, anyone can be affected by one of those malwares and to avoid files infection, MSNCleaner will detect the malware that is in your PC and will eliminate it if that is what you want, which will be the best for your computer and so that you can keep on having fun with Messenger.

If you no longer want to have theses “invitations” or, those disguised malwares that affect your computer, MSNCleaner will help you to detect them and to eliminate them for once and for all.

This application doesn’t need to be installed and is very simple to use.

by Augusto Baldi

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