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Are you looking for a file browser for Android? On this occasion we have to talk about MiXplorer. It is one of the best apps that allows you to manage files in the Android smartphone without limitations. It has many interesting options, and it is intuitive and very easy to use. If you want to know all about this application, we invite you to read our analysis.

MiXplorer is an application for Android that you can download from our website easily, or if you prefer, you can go to XDA Developers and download the APK. because this app is not available in the Play Store, so you' will need to activate the unknown sources from the settings and then continue with the installation, which is almost immediate.

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Downloading and installing MiXplorer

On this occasion, the key of MiXplorer is the permissions. You need to give him permission to access photos, multimedia content and files so that you can manage them with success. Once accepted, you can proceed to use the application in the normal way.

How does MiXplorer work?

This application operation is very simple. If you have never used a file manager for Android, let us tell you that this is an application that allows you to access the folders of your Android. Not all terminals allow it by default, so it is important to opt for third-party applications. On this occasion, it is free and is one of the best.

In the main screen you will access all your folders or files on the device. One of the most important is the DCIM folder, which is the folder where the pictures are located. However, there are other interesting ones like WhatsApp, which is one of the most sought by users. In it, you will find conversations, multimedia files and backup copies.

What else can I do with MiXplorer?

At the bottom of the application we find different functionalities, from left to right, which are the following:

  • The magnifying glass icon: allows you to perform searches for certain keywords to help you find the folder you want.

  • Grid: the second icon allows you to organize your content in different formats to suit your visual needs. Usually, "detailed” is used, because it is intuitive and provides sufficient amount of detail.

  • Plus (+): with this option you will be able to create a file, folder, etc. If you want to add files manually to the root of your device or to a particular folder you can do it from here.

  • Recharge: is the icon of recharge, update or refresh the list.

  • AZ: organizes the contents in a pattern (date, alphabet, etc.).

  • More options: This last icon is very interesting because it is loaded with options: delete files, copy, paste, rename, more information, etc.

From the top, where it says "internal storage", you will see the total amount of space on the device and that is free. It is good to review it from time to time and be very careful with running out of capacity, because in the most drastic cases you could run out of smartphone or not directly start.

On the other hand, from the menu on the left, you will see another kind of sub menu in which you can create a new section, export, delete all, etc. It is a choice you must bear in mind that there is.

To conclude, you find more options in the 3 points of the right side of the application. One of the main is "lock". It allows you to put a pattern or password to protect this application and only you can access it. It is one of the few browsers or file managers that allow it.

This is the main point of the MiXplorer application. We consider it, therefore, as one of the best file managers for Android. If you want to successfully manage the folders and files on your device, you need it. Remember that it is not in Google Play Store, but you can download the APK from our website and from XDA Developers, who are trusted developers.

It is important to mention that at no time it has not caused problems. It works quickly and is very effective. We have tested on Android 8.0 Oreo and its operation is impeccable. Nor did we find gaps.

Is it worth downloading the MiXplorer?

Of course it is worth it. If you are looking for a file manager application for Android and for free, it is one of the best options that we find available today. Give it a try!

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