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May your dreams never die

There is a big chance that every music lover has, at some point in life, dreamed about being a DJ, that is, being able to make a living out of music. Were you one of those? We can guess that most of them should by now have a boring job at an office or, for that matter, a dull assignation away from music anywhere else. Well, we would like to say from here that you don't want to let your dream die just now my friend, we say that you must keep following the path of your dreams, because there is light ahead and there is still time for anything, that is for certain with MixMeister Fusion.

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If you give it a try, you will find that this software works over the standard for combining the complete DJ's performance together with the deadly precision of the best music production's tools. In other words, you will be working with a timeline-based system and several audio inputs with an interface that will let you layer tracks over tracks, edit fades, add effects and a whole bunch of other amazing DJ's tricks, all in real time. Picture yourself monitoring the entire process with your brand new flaming headphones like a pro DJ, and when you are done you will export the finished results to blow up the world's paradigms on music.

Unleash your true self

MixMeister Fusion has been thought and designed to mix complete DJ's sets from full-length songs, so you will not be limited to simply combining some loops and tracks together, you will be making art! The software will allow you to free yourself from the regular monotonous tasks like beat matching and counting beats in your head, it will offer you real power to let your creativity loose and shape your music with the form of your mind, with remixing, VST effects, harmonic mixing and live looping, just to mention some.

Fun facts

We are indeed talking about a modern piece of software here, but, contrary to what you might think, MixMeister Fusion has been around for over a decade. So, everything that you will obtain from this program today is the pinnacle of a LOT of hours of work and sacrifices crafted into one tool. It was actually one of the first DJ's apps that allowed for this type of awesome “mixing” and advance features.

High notes

The variety of amazing features is THAT huge that if we would like to point them all in here you will just end up getting bored of reading. Operating from there, we do can mention:

  • Preview parts of your mix in headphones while you perform;
  • Work on multiple mixes at once (you can mix up to 8 songs simultaneously), and cut & paste between them;
  • Try to drag and drop music files to assemble your set;
  • Real time manipulation of your mix;
  • Advanced timeline view;
  • Use automatic beat matching, or apply manual beat adjustments;
  • Change the tempo of a song without changing key;

Within the black box

In order to make the magic occur you will not be losing your nerves, as the process is a pretty straightforward drag and drop/anchor point-moving thing. You will just have to select your tracks to be imported into the software, which will automatically analyze them for the key so you can finally drag them to the right window where you will be arranging the songs in the order that you desire.

You will then repeat that process choosing the type of mix to apply for that song’s transition, and you will have 12 interesting types of mix transitions to play with!

The final product

Even though you will notice that the navigation controls just aren’t that intuitive, MixMeister Fusion will not disappoint you if you keep your expectations realistic, because it does an amazing job doing what it was set out to do. The user-friendly layout certainly helps the experience to be a positive one, and the timeline-based system is very useful in making the whole process a neat one. Finally, the long history of effort and time put into it by it's developers proved that nothing was in vain, and it talks about a consolidated tool born out of sacrifice, trial and error along the years.

by Augusto Baldi

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