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MiniRacingOnline (MRO) is a free Formula 1 racing video game with a top-down perspective and Online mode.

Racing video games with top-down view were a great success at 8-bit era, and this genre has been left aside with the passing of time. This video game started his development in year 2000, and now still being developed.

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MiniRacingOnline allows multiple game modes, we can choose between offline and online. In offline mode we will play us alone against the machine. We'll be able to choose between participating in a time trial or play a full career. In time attack mode, we'll run in the track chosen in order to achieve the fastest lap of the session. In career mode we'll have to do practice session, the qualifying and the race, getting a good dose of realism to organize cars in the starting grid.

In offline mode, we've the opportunity to choose the circuit in which we're going to run, the weather (dry, rain, extreme rain, random, etc.) and the number of opponents. Thanks to those options we'll have the feeling of being involved in a real racing despite being playing alone.

In online mode, we'll be able to join a game in progress, or to create our own server where we can connect to other players. The game allows up to 32 players in each online game, which makes it a very fun and challenging. Online mode works correctly and the lag that suffers the game is minimal.

If we want to play online, or send our best times to the global results, we must register for free in the official website.

Despite the fact that the game is clearly arcade, includes multitude elements of simulation: adjustments of the ailerons/wings, tire wear, pit stops, DRS, KERS, weight of gasoline, team radio, slipstreaming and more. All these details will delight the fans of Formula 1, as in addition to the above, also include on-screen notifications, very similar to those shown in the official Formula 1 broadcasts.

The game can be controlled through keyboard or joystick, making it possible to modify the keys and buttons that are configured by default.

The game features 157 circuits of various automotive categories, and with more than 4000 models of cars that we will be able to select. In addition, there is an integrated circuit editor, where we can create our own circuits.

To download all tracks and cars, we must use “mro_launcher.exe” application, that is included in the .zip file of the game, and select those circuits and vehicles that we want to download or update.

The game does not require installation, because the download consists of a compressed file .zip, which contains the files needed to run the game.

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