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Minecraft is a game of construction and maps, developed on a system of open worlds, which might fall within the segment of the titles of adventure. Without a doubt, this is one of the most recommendable entertainment alternatives today when we talk about games that permit a wide freedom of action.

It is precisely this capacity of personalization of the title in question that has transformed it into one of the most popular that can be played nowadays. This game has all kinds of mods and skins that you can use to customize your world to the maximum, making the entertainment truly endless, as rarely situations and environments are repeated.

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This game proposes a system of games, which takes place in their curious worlds formed by cubes. One of the main objectives of the players has to do with survival over time, and for this they must use all the elements that are part of the world of this title. Thanks to these, you cannot only get benefits, but also learn to work on them to get new tools or useful objects.

Coming back to the customization, Minecraft lets you manage almost every one of its aspects, so that through the use of the blocks of the game, you will be able to generate all kinds of survival mechanisms. The attractive thing is that the success of this title is such that nowadays we can find virtual encyclopedias with information for novice users, as well as all kinds of applications that serve as complements to this main one.

What is the grace of this title? As we mentioned before, survive or create. In fact, you will find along your journey through the worlds of this title, a series of enemies or threats of which you must flee as possible. Some of these dangers have to do with the undead, spiders of large dimensions, and so on. Each of your movements could put you within reach of problems, so you must be careful.

Once the objectives and the general operation of this game of open worlds are clear, it should be noted that there are two distinct modes. The first of these is the so-called survival, and the second, the so-called Creative. Their names explain a little what they are about: the first one bets on the survival instinct of the players; while in the second one, the character is indestructible, and since it has unlimited access to all elements of the title, it has the ability to only concentrate on the creation of new worlds and environments. This, in addition to the online mode of Minecraft Multiplayer.

In fact, it is worth mentioning that from this creative quality almost without control of this software, the game has gained enormous popularity. Some gamers from all over the world, specialists in the control of the different objects of the title, have been replicated even entire cities, real or fictitious, within the title, so that other players enjoy them in their games.

With respect to the customization of this entertainment software, we have the skins and mods before mentioned. The first are packages that allow you to change, in your own way, the visual aspect of the various elements, cubes, which are part of the game. The mods, on the other hand, are modifications to something more substantial, preferred by more advanced users, which offer the integration not only of changes in appearance, but also of situations or characters in otherwise inaccessible areas.

How to play Minecraft? Basically, you do not need more than the mouse and the keyboard of the computer. In this way, you will be able to control your character and each of its actions, such as accessing the items that you have available. Once you have opened the menu with such content, you will be able to carry out all kinds of actions with them, how to combine with each other to generate new, or simply leave them.

Now, if up to now everything has been praise for this game for the entertaining and unlimited that results in most of its aspects, we cannot lose sight of the fact that Minecraft is not the ideal game for those who are looking for a great graphic definition. In effect, the system of cubes that has so well returned to the developed in terms of distinction of the title is not the most aesthetically achieved that can be found in computers right now. If you know the games that were all the rage in the decade of the 90s, it will likely remind you to them.

However, and after having given this clarification, we believe that this game really has a lot to give. Precisely this aspect is one of the points that differentiate it from any other title, and it is the mechanism of exploitation of the blocks which makes it almost impossible to get bored. Regardless of whether we want to unleash our creativity, or if we just want to survive the dangers of these worlds, we are in the presence of a fun platform.

If, as a summary, we had to highlight some strong aspects of Minecraft, we would certainly put two above others. The first one has to do with the gameplay, and therefore the entertainment. They are Unlimited. It does not matter if you prefer the Suvival modo, the Creatividad mode or if you want to play games with your colleagues through the Multiplayer option. If you like the game, you will always find a different way to entertain yourself.

In the second instance, the publisher of maps in this game is possibly one of the best that exist within this type of entertainment options. If you want to develop your creative, construction and element use abilities, you can be sure that you are in the presence of a title that will not disappoint you.

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