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Merge World Above: Dragon Games is a 2D puzzle-and-fantasy game. Loki, the evil lord of Asgard, and his army are threatening our world. Loki can be defeated by your pet army of mythical creatures and dragons.

The game works in the same way as Merge Dragons, which is a 3- or 5-pair matching game. The grid-style map has many items such as gems, eggs, gems, and plants. To pass the mission, you will need to match enough of these items. You can earn rewards for completing a mission, which will help you upgrade your home and unlock new characters and items.

The objective of the game is to liberate all lands from evil occupation. You can only do this by winning more and occupying dark lands. You have to play your way to victory. You can use the controls to move the item by simply swiping in the desired direction. If the match is clear, a combination can be made.

You can choose from a variety of cute dragons to help you along the way. These can be unlocked instantly and can be upgraded over time. You will find the game more difficult as you advance, so it is important to have a better strategy.


  • Save Asgard, not with the Hammer of Thor, but by solving puzzles
  • You have a short time to solve difficult puzzles
  • You can play with many items, including seeds, plants, and gems
  • Master the matching puzzle game
  • Expand your map to dark lands
  • Remodel your home and dragons
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    How to PLAY Merge World Above on PC

    Download Merge World Above on PC How to launch Merge World Above on PC and the way it functions? That's genuine all the concern questioned by many visitors who also...