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Merge Magic! Gram Games Limited, the developers of Merge Dragons, has created Merge Magic!

You will be immersed in a fantasy world full of mythical creatures and magic. Your land is cursed by an evil witch. You have the power to use magic and other friendly creatures to save your planet.

Your garden acts as the base. You will find many objects and creatures in the grid-style garden. To make combinations, you must combine the same items and creatures. Each successful combination unlocks new mechanics and upgrades.

It is very easy to use the controls. To select an item, tap it. Then swipe in any direction to move the item. If you find a matching combination, the move will be successful. You could also destroy the combination. Your magic garden will continue to grow as you complete these tasks until it reaches cursed lands.

Merge Magic! Merge Magic! is more than a match-three puzzle game. You can unlock unique seeds that offer great rewards if you match them. You can also win different currencies and resources as you progress through the levels. These currencies and resources can be used to purchase new items such as eggs, coin storage houses, and tree cabins.


  • Explore the magical realm of more than 500 objects and mystical beings
  • Complete difficult puzzles and solve them
  • Enjoy the fun match game with different objects
  • To occupy the cursed lands, grow your garden
  • To unlock new items, earn rewards by winning levels
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    How to PLAY Merge Magic! on PC

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