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MecaNet is the program that will help you learn typing in a quick and simple way.

It may seem that the mechano-therapy is old, but is a skill that is taken for granted on job offers. The importance of typing lies in that this is synonymous with skill and agility with the computer keyboard.

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MecaNet is a software with which you will learn to handle the keyboard as in a typing academy. But with MecaNet it will be done in the comfort of your home, for free, and managing your own time devoted daily to practice with the keyboard.

MecaNet is executed directly and displays options, very well informed and given to begin to practice your skills with the keyboard. On the left you will see the graphic environment data over the typed words, the beats per minute, the number of lines completed and the number of hits and losses.

First you will practice with the letters as they are distributed on the keyboard to move immediately to exercise with words, sentences and longer texts. All timed to measure the speed and error information in case you are mistaken.

MecaNet has twenty lessons over instruction and if you want to see the progress that paragraphs in the practices I recommend you to subscribe to the MecaNet page and create a user. This way you will be able to prove the error history, typing per minute and your progress.

MecaNet is virtually unsurpassed by other program because it also has typing games and tests over time that will make the practice a fun exercise. Speed up your keyboard!

by Augusto Baldi

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