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Use your imagination and build wonderful works of art.

MasterCraft is a 3D game where users can "break blocks," "create unimaginable objects," and "build amazing structures," even being able to create secret passages, besides having the opportunity to "fight"(since sometimes you will have to prepare to fight because monsters have invaded this new world and will want to destroy everything you have achieved).

What makes this type of game entertaining is the variety of resources that can be collected for elaborating your construction, as well as the variety of different weapons in kraft styles. That's right, you read that right, because this game implements its new Survival Crafting mode, meaning you will have to protect yourself from predators, zombies, or some night thieves.

The Good:

The vast territory of this new world is overwhelming, and you feel the adrenaline of going and exploring new horizons, in which you will undoubtedly encounter various creatures and many trees.

It offers the possibility that you can invite your friends and form a large clan, as well as good fighting stamina. I also liked the idea that you can design your characters I also liked the idea that you can design your characters using skins, which makes for a good and pleasant experience, in such a way that you won't even feel the passing of time because of how fun it can be.

The Bad:

Among some negative points is that I would like to be able to have more interaction when you get to a new territory; that is, I would like to have the possibility to exchange some objects, more or less like a barter that benefits both parties.

Although you can invite your friends, they must stay very close, because if they are at a considerable distance, they will not be able to make any kind of exchange.

Many ads are normal in free games, but the truth is that this becomes very tedious and urges you to stop playing because for every action you do, you will get new ads right away, and if they are fighting, you can die suddenly.

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    How to PLAY MasterCraft on PC

    Download MasterCraft on PC How to run MasterCraft on a computer, and the way it is possible? That's true all the concerns requested by many people who wish to enjoy...