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The MARVEL universe has been a success story in movies and comics. Now it is being adapted for mobile games. MARVEL: Strike Force, another action RPG, lets you play with MARVEL heroes in single-player campaigns or PvP battles.

The game involves recruiting superheroes, completing campaigns, and teaming with other players to tackle in-game challenges. The game includes side quests and Blitz, as well as events and PvP fights.

All modes have turn-based battles in which you create a team by weighing your strengths, weaknesses, and active skills. Each class has its own specialty, such as defense, dodging, and support. Characters can be unlocked on the move. You can unlock more powerful characters by unlocking a higher level or buying them with real money.

The game's strongest areas are the alliance raids, PvP, and PvP. The game has been criticized for its monetization, which includes a lot of ads and an increase in difficulty. MARVEL: Strike Force remains a fun and enjoyable game that offers a super-heroic experience.


  • Mobile your squad of superheroes
  • Play with your favorite MARVEL hero
  • Explosive battles based on turn-based tactics
  • High-tactical gameplay
  • Side quests, challenges, and Blitz
  • PvP action in many battle arenas
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    How to PLAY MARVEL Strike Force on PC

    How to PLAY MARVEL Strike Force on PC

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