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Mario Forever is one re lecture of the classic Nintendo game, Super Mario Bros 3 in which the main theme relates of a plumber that should rescue the princess of the "claws" of Koopa, a malicious dragon that will try the impossible to prevent such feat.

Our mission: To drive Mario through the different levels of the game. The controls configuration will allow us to accomplish the crucial tasks to rescue "our lovely princess" of Koopa’s and their accomplice’s control.

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Mario Forever combines all possibilities of having a unique computer game experience with the same characteristics of Nintendo console and increasing our experience in this fabulous title that has tamed adults and children during decades.

Mario Forever compiles the best moments of this game in a program with the characteristics that every game lovers want to have in only one game.

Let us remember that Mario was created in 1986 and than two decades later, its furore remains intact, that’s the reason why several computer versions were launched: Here we found this one, one of the bests already seen and that with certainty will give you incredible moments remembering the past.

Are you a Super Mario Bros lover? I recommend you to download Mario Forever immediately, a totally free game.

by Augusto Baldi

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