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ManicTime is a program for all those organized schedule fans or just for those who want to have proper control over the use that is made to the Internet.

With this complex but understandable tool you will have the ability to visualize where you are investing your time on the computer, what you are doing, which pages you are connecting to, which programs you use and the time you spend on them.

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ManicTime provides a wide variety of information in time and content to keep you aware of your entire computer. ManicTime interface may seem, at first, a little confusing and somewhat complicated, but you will eventually get used to the compressed design, but with all the necessary information.

This task orders and information you will be released in three separate panels, the date and time when it began its operation and the completion of its running. Similarly, the elapsed time you use your computer. In a timeline you can see all the way from your computer divided into applications, documents and equipment use.

The next two panels will give you all the information about the programs used, pages viewed and all information collected separately given in percentages.

All the information you need about the performance of your computer, you can find in ManicTime, basing mainly on the use of time that you give your computer and every program, document or website.ManicTime

by Augusto Baldi

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